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Healing for Animals and their People

Our Healers work as a group to amplify our abilities and direct them toward improving the quality of life for pets and their people, especially those in crisis.

What Pets/People in the Healing can expect: Our healers come from all levels of healing abilities and learn, through the direction of Sheri Anspach, how to hone their skills through demonstration and practice.  This insures quality of service and allows gathering of feedback from clients.

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What  Guardians of Pets can expect:

Both animals and their people can benefit from our group healings – resolving a health crisis, coping with change (moving, addition or departure of other pets or family members, etc.),lessening adverse reactions (to storms, guests, service personnel, environmental distress, etc.) and other issues which have lowered the pets quality of life. To have us work on your pet or yourself, fill out form below and I will get back to you.

What the healers can expect: The opportunity to learn new techniques through classes, online webinars, my blog, special training articles for subscribers and the opportunities to practice the techniques in a group setting.

What the healers are expected to do: Read the emails when you get them so check frequently, subscribe, participate in training sessions that I provide, participate in the healing process. More information will be provided when you join the group below.

For personal sessions with Sheri you can contact her;
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The Urgent Healing process:

The person requesting the healing needs to send a photo of the pet/person to be worked on and their full name which will be placed in the healing grid.  The photo needs to be a clear picture showing the face.

We will be using my Reiki rock/crystal grid to  focus our healing energies,  which will give continuous healing energies to the pets or people we are working on.

Healers Group Membership:

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