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TweetShareI remember the day Merlin saved my life: Merlin and I had a nice ride, I cooled him out, groomed him and was ready to return him to his stall through which he could return to the pasture with all his buddies.  I entered the stall first and “shooed out” the mare that had entered […]

12.12.12 Had to write that!

TweetShareNearing another Christmas and feeling pretty good!  We have a roof over our heads and food on the table.  My four legged friends are currently doing well, what more can one ask for!?!  Well, I do need to finish unpacking!  The newest hold up is my laptop and it’s inventory program not doing well.  As […]

Thinking Outside the Box

TweetShareSummer has been so hot!  I am not sure how the summer went by so fast!  I am happy it is now the fall and slightly cooler weather.  I have been setting up new class schedules and took more Theta Healing classes which have kept me busy.  Something that interests me now is the combination […]

New Thoughts

Spring has sprung! I am excited to move my blog to my web site. I have so many things to talk about this year.

Health Thoughts

TweetShareAlways take care of yourself first, so you can then take great care of your pets!

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