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What Your Horse Wants You To Know!

TweetShare If you have any questions contact me!

LifeSpark Newsletter

TweetShare This is an organization I volunteer for and wanted to share this newsletter for those who have any interest/contact with cancer and possible help with Reiki. Reiki improves mental and physical  health after cancer One Colorado winter morning, Todd Lovrien put off a doctor’s visit, as many of us are guilty of, until he put […]

TweetShareI have two up coming events.  Starting October 6th through 8th I will be doing a Basic DNA Theta Healing class.  Both the basic and the advanced classes are prerequisites for Theta Healing with Animals.  I am also doing an Equine Raindrop Therapy Demo on October 18th.  For details see the flyers below:  

New class offerings

TweetShareI am offering classes starting May 10th for Animal Communication and 11th for Reiki I.  I am holding the classes in my home in Firestone.   Size is limited so RSVP soon!   and for Reiki  

Ideas for Christmas Gifts

TweetShareIdeas for Christmas Gifts I am adding two flyers for those still interested in a Gift Certificate for any of the services I provide.  Perhaps you know someone who could use help with their pets or help with how they feel about themselves and life in general.  Perhaps you have an issue that you would […]

Moon Meanderings

TweetShareI like to talk, think and write, yet I have a hard time knowing where to start!  This time a friend requested that I write a little something about the moon so here goes: The Moon in astrology is a part of the person’s “identity” represented by the Sun, Moon and Rising sign where, in […]

TweetShareI am announcing another animal communication class:   If anyone is interested in this class at a different day and/or time let me know!

Animal Communication Class coming up.

TweetShare   I added the web class for people who are unable to get around due to our 1000 year flood!  Be sure to RSVP if you have any questions, need the Monday dates, or want directions to the non-web class.  

TweetShareI remember the day Merlin saved my life: Merlin and I had a nice ride, I cooled him out, groomed him and was ready to return him to his stall through which he could return to the pasture with all his buddies.  I entered the stall first and “shooed out” the mare that had entered […]

12.12.12 Had to write that!

TweetShareNearing another Christmas and feeling pretty good!  We have a roof over our heads and food on the table.  My four legged friends are currently doing well, what more can one ask for!?!  Well, I do need to finish unpacking!  The newest hold up is my laptop and it’s inventory program not doing well.  As […]

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