This is an organization I volunteer for and wanted to share this newsletter for those who have any interest/contact with cancer and possible help with Reiki.

Reiki improves mental and physical 
health after cancer
One Colorado winter morning, Todd Lovrien put off a doctor’s visit, as many of us are guilty of, until he put his ski boots on. Recent, increasingly cold sensations and exhaustion were almost overwhelming him…

Todd is a thyroid cancer survivor, and initially decided to use LifeSpark sessions to help with the pain. Now he feels that the more Reiki he receives, the more his overall mental and physical health improve. Read full article

Mark your calendars
“Touching Tomorrow” is October 28
You are invited to our biggest event of the year. It is free, includes lunch, and will inspire you. Connect with our community and help us raise funds for our work.  
Lynne Bentley, Director of Cancer Centers of Colorado at Saint Joseph Hospital, will speak about integrative care, and how it improves patient outcomes, improves the patient experience,and lowers cost.  You won’t want to miss it. 

Seating is limited so register early.  

Calling all Healing Touch and
Reiki professionals 
Become a LifeSpark volunteer provider and change lives!! You will be matched with someone with cancer for weekly sessions, and will be an anchor for them during a very difficult time. 
Here is what LifeSpark providers are saying. 
“I feel that this program has connected me to my life’s purpose”.   
“I see the transformation in their face and
I travel part of the journey with them.” 
Our fall Provider Seminar is Oct 14-16. Learn More
In gratitude,
Sandy Priester, MBA, Executive Director
LifeSpark Cancer Resources
LifeSpark Cancer Resources. Restoring peace during and after cancer
through hands-on Reiki and Healing Touch sessions.