I remember the day Merlin saved my life:

Merlin and I had a nice ride, I cooled him out, groomed him and was ready to return him to his stall through which he could return to the pasture with all his buddies.  I entered the stall first and “shooed out” the mare that had entered his stall from the outside.  Once I was right in the center of the stall and Merlin following right behind me, the mare went into a quick reverse, rushing at me with her hindquarters ready to fire.  I had nowhere to go but against the wall of the stall.  She was about to kick me with both hind feet and crush my chest.  I heard in my head from Merlin to step back which I did once asked and he flew at the mare and rammed her with his chest which shot her out the stall and he remained between the mare and myself.  He had just saved my life.